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No Ordinary Family 1-17: No Ordinary Love

It’s interesting that we still don’t know much about what Dr. King is up to because this episode introduced a new villain. I already knew she’d be around for multiple episodes, and she is obviously going to make life interesting.

This episode? Well, it seems like it was supposed to introduce her, but it did feel like it was a little light.

Let’s get some of the sub-plots out of the way first, shall we?

Honestly, Katie didn’t have much to do in this episode. After a few quick scenes where she was playing games with the Powells (to keep her mind off her break up with “Joshua” who wasn’t in the episode at all), she wasn’t even referenced again.

Meanwhile, Daphne ran into problems when her boyfriend Chris started to suspect that her family has superpowers. She tried to make him forget about it, but he just kept bringing it up. Finally, she confessed the truth, and he didn’t flip out. You know, at first I didn’t like Chris, but he is really beginning to grow on me.

Stephanie finds herself in a dilemma when Dr. King asks her to put the serum into a terminal cancer patient. She does it, but very reluctantly. It’s only after the fact that she learns this wasn’t a man out on parole, but a violent murder who should have been on death row. But we’ll get back to him later.

The real meat of the episode involved Sophie. Sophie walks into George’s office to try to talk him into dropping charges against a man accused of robbing a drug store of cough syrup. He suddenly does, making Jim suspicious. But George insists that Jim and Stephanie meet Sophie, so they all go out to dinner. During the dinner, George is acting very strange. Jim tries to talk to him about it, but George gets mad and they leave. Sophie comes back to apologize, and gives Jim a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly, Jim thinks that Sophie is great.

In fact, Jim thinks Sophie is so great that he brings her flowers. Naturally, George is jealous and Jim and George come to blow over it. (One smack from Jim, and George is across the room.) Jim is suddenly Sophie’s willing slave. When Stephanie confronts him on it, he makes a choice to leave the family to be with Sophie.

The next day, George shows up concerned about Jim. And he has no recollection of Sophie at all. JJ is the only one home at the time and that makes him suspect that pheromones were involved. They break into Sophie’s apartment and find all the elements needed to make a bomb – a bomb that Jim is about to deliver. They triangulate his cell phone and discover that he is about to blow up the building where Stephanie is injecting the serum into the patient. They also explain that Jim isn’t really himself. In the timeliest line of the night, she exclaims, “No wonder he’s gone all Charlie Sheen on me.”

Stephanie tries to reason with Jim, but he completely ignores her and jumps to the roof to deliver the bomb. She takes off after him, and kisses him. That breaks the spell, and he recovers in time for the bomb to turn on and start counting down from 20 seconds. Jim grabs it and throws it into the sky, where it explodes harmlessly.

Down at the base of the building, Sophie meets with her boss, the mysterious Mrs. X. Sophie tries to make excuses for the building not blowing up. Mrs. X stops her, makes her apologize, and then tells her that all is fine. Sophie smiles, goes to her car, starts it, and it promptly explodes.

Back in Dr. King’s office, the patient that Stephanie had injected walks in and tells Dr. King that he feels great. Dr. King asks him about anything weird that is happening, and the patient clinches his fists, allowing talons to grow out of his fingers a la Wolverine. Dr. King tells him to stand by as they will have more tasks for him to do in the future.

As the patient is leaving the building, a car drives up and Mrs. X opens the back door. She offers him a better deal (at least it sounds like a better deal right now), and he smiles and gets into the car.

So, it sounds like Mrs. X and Dr. King have a history and she wants to destroy him. What is their past and why doesn’t she like him? Looks like we’ve got a few weeks off from new episodes, but hopefully they’ll explore that a little more when we get back to new episodes.

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