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EPCOT 2011 Flower & Garden Festival Preview

EPCOT’s 2011 International Flower & Garden Festival opens today. While I won’t be able to make it out until this weekend, I did send a spy today who took these sneak peeks of the preparations still underway for one of my favorite events at Walt Disney World.

Familiar toy shaped Topiaries from Toy Story 3 will great guests as they enter EPCOT.

And there will be sand sculptures again. This year highlighting Wild Cats from the DisneyNature label.

There are a lot of great topiaries all around the park, but some of the smallest can be found in Germany, including these three familiar shapes.

Plus these Pixar characters make their tiny appearance.

A beautiful promotion from Tangled is nearby. Songs come from the tower on a regular basis day and night.

It was raining today, so the Pixie meet and greet was moved inside to the hallway behind the Character Spot:

Those willing to wait in line to see Tinker Bell and Terrance were also given these cute papercraft models of a Pixie home.

Finally, this isn’t really related to the F&G Festival, but these new Mickey and Minnie child poncho’s are cute:

Last year at this time we were facing the end of a three week cold snap. That really set back the festival, even though it recovered quickly. This year the weather is topping around right around 80 degrees, which is just about perfect if you ask me. Should be an amazing festival this year.

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    1. Disney may have decided to make it into a word of its own, but for me it will always represent a place of hope for the future and Walt Disney’s vision for city of tomorrow. We all have our own quirks, this is one of mine.

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