Remy – Disney Dreams new exclusive restaurant revealed

Remy, a restaurant which shares the name of Pixar’s chef rat from Ratatouille, will be a very exclusive ticket for those on board the Disney Dream. It’s rumored to have just 80 seats a sitting and a very special menu. Disney Cruise Line just released this video showing the design of Remy and its construction.

This looks a little like Club 33 to me and is shaping up to be even more exclusive.

4 thoughts on “Remy – Disney Dreams new exclusive restaurant revealed

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  2. Van

    Looks more like “bella epoque” Paris, late 1800’s. Very much like some of the old cafes and metro stations.

  3. Juan Carlos Estrada

    And what about the “no frills, great food” philosophy we learned from Remy? I’ve always linked “Ratatouille” with a pleaseant food experience, not with those so-called exclusive restaurants that charge you even for looking at the floor tiles.

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