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Disney passes huge Facebook milestone – 100 million fans

Yesterday, on Walt Disney’s 109th birthday, The Walt Disney Company made an announcement fitting the legacy of a man who found joy by bringing entertainment to the masses. Disney has passed a major social media milestone as it has reached an audience of one hundred million fans across its network of Facebook pages.

Since August of 2009, more than 200 official Disney brand, property and character pages have been created and managed by The Walt Disney Company and its in-house social media agency DigiSynd including: Disney, Disney Pixar, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, Dory and Mickey. These pages feature original video content, photo galleries, news, highlights and links to other Disney-branded pages. Boasting astronomical growth, Disney Facebook pages currently attract more than 5 million new fans per week.

Enjoy this new video celebrating the achievement:

Finally, it looks like they’ve finally activated the Twitter account they stole from it’s original user: @Disney.

5 thoughts on “Disney passes huge Facebook milestone – 100 million fans”

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  2. Your post confuses “page likes” with Fans. These numbers are not at all the same. I “like” several pages that belong to the Disney company, but I’m still just one person. Also that was 5 million “likes” per week. Big difference!

  3. “…the Twitter account they stole from it’s original user…”

    Perhaps you meant to say “its original user.”

    “It’s” means “it is” in English. “Its” means “belonging to it.” Elementary-school grammar.

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