Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

Today is the 109th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth. We celebrate his legacy everyday here at The Disney Blog. But today I would love to hear how Walt’s life and legacy has affected you. Please share in the comments the most special ‘Disney’ moment in your life.

I’ll start with mine. Without Disneyland I would never have met my wife. I first met her in line at the original Haunted Mansion event, where she cut in with our group and proceeded to talk about all the great merchandise she was able to purchase with her Daddy’s credit card. Yeah, she was a different person then. We both were. Little did I know a few years later we’d start dating, spending many nights at Disneyland, vacationing together at Walt Disney World, and eventually getting married at the Grand Californian. So thank you Walt, for all you’ve done for me and my family.