Tangled Brushes On A Box Office Win

After winning the week, Tangled has also come in number one at the Box Office beating Harry Potter and a weak newcomer over a slower weekend. $21.5 million is a drop from last weekend, but it was enough to beat Deathly Hallows – Part one‘s $16.7 million. Tangled has so far earned $96 million, which puts it on a path for around $375-$400 million world-wide. Not Pixar territory, but very respectable for Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Some great analysis of the weekend’s Box Office at the LA Times.

4 thoughts on “Tangled Brushes On A Box Office Win”

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  2. Ummm, it made 26 million in only 15 territories this weekend overseas and is currently at 145 million worldwide. This didn’t include the UK, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, South America, most of Europe and Asia and China. Tangled should make 400 plus overseas and possibly 600 plus million worldwide. It would outgross Cars, Monster’s Inc, Wall-E, and possibly Ratatouille and the Incredibles. So yeah, it most definitely is Pixar worthy.

    1. I’ll admit I was being conservative in my prediction wanting WDAS to look good by blowing by my numbers. But hey, if you want to set high expectations, I understand that too.

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