When will you see Tangled?

Tangled opens wide (as they say) in theaters today. I’m taking a little poll via the comments wondering when, if at all, you plan to see the latest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. I’m also curious to know if you’re planning to see it in 3D.

As of right now Tangled is being reviewed at near Pixar quality with an 89% favorable rating on RottenTomatoes. That’s a pretty good sign if you ask me. Also a good sign are these reviews from the NY Times and the LA Times. AO Scott actually gives the film a ‘critics pick’ and Kenneth Turan has sparkling nice things to say too. That just warms the cockles of my heart, you know.

19 thoughts on “When will you see Tangled?”

  1. It won’t be out in the UK until January, so I’m making some time while I’m visiting my family in the Netherlands next week to watch it there. I will watch it with subtitles (NOT the Dutch dubbed version), but I’m afraid that leaves me no choice whether to watch it in 3D or not as they don’t show the English version in 2D there. Not that it matters much to me, I would’ve probably watched the 3D version anyway.

  2. I’m catching it in 3D today but only because the show time is convenient. My screening was 3D but I’m not a fan of the format. I am a big fan of Tangled though! Great movie!

  3. My wife and I will see it at 6:55pm tonight in 3D. I already have the tickets. I also purchased the soundtrack last week. Love It! Another selection of hits from Alan Menken.

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  5. The artistic style looks too much like a Dreamworks movie, and that’s not a good thing. The trailers continue that assumption with amateur hijinx and kiddie humor. Not impressed. That said, we’ll be seeing it tomorrow in 2D.

  6. Not sure. Hoping for this weekend, but will probably get pushed back to next week, during the day and not the evening.

    Aiming for 2D, simply because I’m tired of 3D movies getting all the attention. Plus, classic disney isn’t 3D, and I’d like to think this movie will become a part of that.

    I’m still not sure what to expect from Tangled, to be totally honest. Can’t wait to read a few reviews from Disney fans, and not general movie critics…

  7. My boyfriend and I saw Tangled in 3D a few hours ago. 3D was a nice touch, not too overwhelming (much better technology compared to the old “3D” movies). Absolutely beautiful animation. Loved the movie; especially Pascal! 5/5 :]

  8. I was planning on seeing it in 2D, but the theater only had it in 3D, so I saw it in 3D. For those of you waiting, see it NOW- it really is a great film!

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