No Ordinary Family 1-8: No Ordinary Accident

As I expected, the major advances in the overall plot we got last week were hardly build on this week. But it was still an enjoyable episode with a major flaw in the resolution of one plot thread.

Poor Daphne was off by herself, so let’s get her out of the way first. Brett was in the picture for two weeks in a row. And Daphne is still lying to get his attention. After agreeing to study with him for their up coming art test, she reads his mind and says she likes sushi, too. She then goes so far as to say she is almost fluent in Japanese. When JJ refuses to help her out again, she makes a mess of things in the restaurant, but Brett is ready to dump his girlfriend to get together with her. Daphne comes clean, however, telling him she was just trying to impress him. They walk away from each other, never to be seen again? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Now, let’s tackle the others. Jim and Stephanie are getting ready for a romantic evening alone at home when George calls about a crime in progress. There have been a string of carjackings, and if Jim leaves right then, he might stop the current one in progress. Jim heads over there, only to have his powers give out on him right before the bad guys drive past. They keep coming and going, and Stephanie tries to figure out what might be causing it.

JJ has been tutoring a friend in math where Mr. Litchfield is still convinced he is cheating. And when JJ and the friend get the same grade, Mr. Litchfield decides to flunk the other student since he obvious must have been cheating. JJ tries to hack into the school’s computer to change the grade, but Mr. Litchfield catches him and threatens to turn him over to the authorities for the crime of hacking. Jim goes to the school to try to talk Mr. Litchfield into changing his mind, but he is determined. He gets in his car and drives away, only to be hit by the carjackers and wind up with a piece of pipe stuck in his chest.

Both Jim and JJ feel responsible for Mr. Litchfield’s condition. The only way he might heal is if someone performed really fast surgery on him, closing his artery in less than a second. So Stephanie gets recruited for the job (after the expected hand ringing from the parents). It looks like they might lose him anyway from a second tear, but Stephanie manages to find and fix it in time. When Mr. Litchfield wakes up, he doesn’t remember anything about the conflict he was having with JJ, so JJ won’t be punished.

But Jim wants to track down those carjackers. When George gets a lead on where they might be, Jim decides to go down there even though his powers are still blinking in and out. He confronts them, and they shoot him, but his powers are working, and he manages to bring them down.

And it’s Katie who discovers what is causing the power outages. After a kiss at the end of another date with “Will,” really The Watcher, she thinks it might be something in Stephanie’s new lip gloss. Jim is having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, so when Stephanie switches, the problem is solved.

The final scene once again finds The Watcher alone with Dr. King. The Watcher promises to have some new intel about the Powells soon thanks to him relationship with Katie. Dr. King says it is vital he find out what Stephanie is up to as he shoots The Watcher with something in a needle.

Daphne’s storyline was pretty predictable, although I was glad to see they didn’t drag out her trying to impress Brett for several weeks. If they actually build something from this character wise, I’ll be happy. Meanwhile, I wasn’t at all surprised that Jim’s power outages were fixed by the end of the episode. I’m sure this will come back up later, but it’s nice to know what is causing them.

It was actually JJ’s story that disappointed me. I was looking forward to seeing how they would resolve the hacking charges and possibly even bring us something more on the cheating charges. Instead, they went for the week amnesia ending. I really expected something better from them.

Yes, that last scene has me intrigued. I’m wondering if The Watcher’s powers are only temporary. That could be the research that Dr. King is trying to hard to protect. And it would also make the Powells more unique since they have their powers full time (Jim’s problems this week not withstanding). But it could be something completely different I haven’t even thought of yet.

How about you? What did you think of the episode? And what are your theories on that final scene?

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