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Dancing With The Stars Champions Recap

Please welcome guest author Alison Wilcox, who very gamely stepped in at the last minute with this wonderful recap.

Dancing With The Stars 2010 finale was definitely a great one! The show opened up with all contestants from this past season dancing together in one fun-filled routine. The only two contestants that were not in attendance were Michael Bolton and Audrina Patridge. Throughout the show, each contestant paired up and performed their last dance for the audience and the judges, but was not scored.

For the scoring of last night finale, each judge was only allowed to pick one 8, one 9, and one 10 for all three performances for the first dance. And for the second, the judges were to score whatever they felt were appropriate.

The final three, Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey, and Bristol Palin, all performed their favorite dance of the season to grab the judges’ final votes before crowning 2010 Dancing With The Stars champions. Kyle Massey, the last man standing, performed with his dancing partner, Lacey, their favorites dance of the season; the Tango. During practice, Kyle still struggled with neatness’, but always showed persistent and perfected his dance last night on the floor. Kyle, who Bruno said has the power to connect with the voters, came out with amazing energy and ready to take the mirror ball home.

Bristol Palin, who no one thought would make it this far in the competition, danced with her partner, Mark, to their favorite, the rock Tango. They picked this dance because at this point in the season, Bristol finally developed her performance. During the season, Bristol always struggled with technique, but proved to Carrie Ann that this dance was definitely her favorite for them.

Jennifer Grey and Derek always prove to the judges and audience that they are the ones to beat. Developing two perfect scores from Monday night’s performances, they performed their first dance of the season; the Viennese Waltz. Jennifer struggled during practice with this dance in week one, but her focus this time around was to grasp the element of innocence and blend it with the knowledge that she was taught throughout the season. She danced elegantly and once again scored a perfect score of a 30.

For their final dance, all three contestants performed to the same type of dance, the Cha Cha, and to the same song, “Raise your glass” by Pink. They drew to see who would dance first and the order went as follows; Kyle and Lacey, Jennifer and Derek, and Bristol and Mark. They’re scores were a 28, 28, and 27, respectively.

As the finale came to a close, it was time to announced 2010 Dancing With The Stars champions! Bristol and Mark ended their season in 3rd place, as most people expected from the remaining contestants. It was now down to the final two; Kyle and Lacey and Jennifer and Derek. Kyle who stage performance was filled with excitement and flavor could not hold off Jennifer and Derek’s consistent perfection. Jennifer and Derek were crowned 2010 Dancing With The Stars champions!

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