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Tron Night, October 28, 2010

Last night around the country, Disney showed 23+ minutes of footage from Tron: Legacy to public audiences who has reserved a ticket at the local multiplex. My verdict: definite thumbs-up! The special effects are pure eye candy and do not merely recycle ideas from the original 1982 Tron movie. I found myself definitely intrigued, though a few folks around me said they were less excited now than they had been when just watching the trailers online. That made sense. I avoid trailers so as not to build up expectations, so maybe I was coming at this differently than they were. Disney went all-out, spending money not only on renting theaters, but creating event-specific posters and postcards handed out for free.

I won’t spoil the movie for you – we probably saw about half the movie’s plot – but if you’re curious it looks like the Wikipedia entry has all you need to know. What impressed me the most was CLU, the Jeff Bridges “program” alter-ego. Unlike the Kevin Flynn (human) character, the program doesn’t age, so he’s shown on screen as a young Jeff Bridges. They did some seriously impressive and ground-breaking work to de-age the actor.

The movie opens in wide release on December 17.

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