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TRON: Legacy added to World of Color

It’s hard to keep secrets when dozens of hotels rooms look down on your stage, so we knew this was coming for a bit. But last night Disneyland debuted its first updated scene to the popular World of Color water and light show. The Tron:Legacy segment is a little over 2:20 minutes and is added as an encore to the existing show. Here’s a video from last night

Additionally, the show recently celebrated passing the 1,000,000 mark of guests who’ve seen the show. That’s a great accomplishment. Kudos to everyone on the team.

The park is expected to make further changes to World of Color with new segments for the holidays.

7 thoughts on “TRON: Legacy added to World of Color”

  1. Love the new addition! I won’t be back until Christmas time, but hopefully the Tron segment will stay until then! I’m also super excited about the new holiday segments! :D

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