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Disney World Cast Members Reject Disney’s Contract Proposal

Members of the unions representing 20,000 of Disney World’s 60,000 workers rejected a contract offer from the Walt Disney World resort today. No exact counts have been provided. It’s still relatively early in the process, but who knows what to expect. If history is a judge, there will be some small movement by both sides and the contract will be approved on a second vote. It’s also really to early to know if this will develop into a possible strike situation. So no need to worry about changing any vacation plans.

More details at the Orlando Sentinel.

4 thoughts on “Disney World Cast Members Reject Disney’s Contract Proposal”

  1. In this economy, they should be grateful they even have a job. Unions is this country are a complete joke. The Union here thinks they can throw their weight around and they will get what they want. All that will happen is that a great number of qualified and talented workers will hit the skids while the “experienced” ones (aka union members who have been with the mob … the union for years and years) will get to keep them.

    1. It’s not so much the economy as the reality of high unemployment that would make a strike unrealistic. But I disagree that unions should somehow stop trying to get their members better pay and benefits just because there’s someone else to take the job. That person deserves a living wage, affordable health care benefits, and the right to a safe work place. These are the sorts of things that Unions helped bring to our workplace and the fading of unions influence has resulted in the depression of wages, rising cost of health care for employees, and more on site accidents or unhealthy work environments. (In general, there are exceptions in both directions.)

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  3. I agree with John Frost. I am a full-time cast member and a member of the union, but I am also barely making ends meet. When you’re full-time, the minimum number of hours you can work per week is 32 hours, and that’s pretty much all I’ve been getting lately. I also only get paid $7.7/hr. I cannot survive on 7.7/hr for 32 hrs/week and have been losing money in my bank account for awhile now. Honestly, I can barely afford my bills when working 40hrs/week. 7.7/hr may be above minimum wage but it’s not enough to live on, and if the union can bargain to get me up to the point where I can actually start earning money rather than just making enough to pay bills and that’s it? Then I’m siding with the union.

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