Bus Driver attacked by Guest at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Oh the insanity. Seriously, you have to be a little bit insane to be a Disney bus driver and put up with some of the guests amazingly awful behavior. Take for example, the following video:

The date is not given Tuesday October 12th for this incident and the location is Disney’s Hollywood Studios (why is it always DHS?). According to the witness who posted this video the really horrible moments occurred before the video started.

i missed recording the most intense part of this fight though, this is what happened: a man and his wife with her baby were waiting for the bus. there wasn’t enough room on the bus so the bus driver told them he would call another one. the man was enraged and THREW THE BABY AT THE BUS DRIVER. the woman got her baby and moved back away from them. (then i started recording) thats when the man started attacking the bus driver then everyone called security over

Say what? This appears to be at the end of a long day at DHS and people are already on their last nerve. But it’s no excuse to threaten, hit, or choke anyone, particularly the cast member who is driving a huge bus with other guests on it.

A little bit more about the situation that resulted in this attack. The bus in question is a special route that Disney has been running as of late. It goes only from DHS to EPCOT and back again. But wait, you say? Isn’t there both a friendship boat and a walkway to and from EPCOT. Yes, but they both enter EPCOT at the International gate. If they guests car is parked in the EPCOT parking lot, this will save them a lot of time (without a direct bus, the guest would have to go to a non-EPCOT resort hotel and then wait for a bus to EPCOT to take them to their car). My understanding is that there is just one bus that shuttles back and forth. It’s about a 10-15 minute complete loop, although it could be longer if there is a lot of traffic.

Anyway, the bus driver is on paid leave pending further investigation.

Updates: according to posts on WDWMagic, the guest was arrested for assaulting the driver, ejected from their resort on property and trespassed against coming back to Disney property. Apparently he could face charges for making a terrorist threat on public transportation.

Fox 35 News reports that Disney says neither the guest nor the driver decided to press charges that night. But that now that video has surfaced, this incident is being looked again. WESH news reports that sheriffs were never called to the scene. So I’m not sure how true that ‘trespassed’ thing from WDWMagicis.