And the Bus Crash plague returns to Disney

I know you’ve been missing them, the seemingly weekly occurrence of Bus accidents on or near Disney Property. But they’re back. Tonight at 6pm-ish a car decided that the giant Disney’s Magical Express bus nearby was a perfect object to run into. The result was one bus-driver heading to the hospital with light injuries and one car driver facing charges for causing said accident. The accident happened near Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which appears to be a magnet for bus meets car stories.

Stay tuned. The adventure may be on again.

8 thoughts on “And the Bus Crash plague returns to Disney”

  1. Michael, the answer is yes. Although since Disney operates the largest fleet of buses outside of New York City, their track record is still pretty darn clean. Accidents do happen, and yet are still a rare occurrence compared to most municipalities of it’s size. The thing is that since the monorail accident, Disney transportation draws way way more attention from the media, and bloggers than it ever did before. The most minor scrapes are now international headlines. Basically it’s sort of like the “Year of Shark Attacks” in 2005. The media jumped on shark attacks when a kid in Panama City had their arm bit off. After that every other day, they reported on another attack. It seemed like a catastrophe, although what they didn’t say was that there were thousands fewer attacks in 2005 than in 2004, because that’s not a good headline. Disney Transportation’s track record is damn good, but that wouldn’t make you click through to the Orlando Sentinel or The Disney Blog.

  2. Thats not really fair to disney. 1 its not there bus fleet and 2. the car hit the buss.. the social media and youtube and twitter will be the end of disney, thats my biggest fear. nest we will be reporting people breaking nails or sneezing..

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