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Disneyland Paris Doing Just Fine, Thank You says Park Pres

Euro Disney SCA, the company that owns Disneyland Paris, CEO Phillipe Gas has been on the job two years now. The company is in a lot better condition than when he joined, no longer in danger of falling off the rails due to a pressing debt payment. But there have been some labor problems and the recent death of a contracted maintenance worker.

Phillipe Gas is speaking out in defense of Euro Disney. His view is that the debt load is not unusual for a company that has a 50 year plan and that employee work conditions aren’t as bad as the one union wants you to think.

Clearly, it’s his job to paint as rosy a picture as possible for the investors. But that doesn’t make the problems go away. I’d be more interested to hear what steps the company has taken to prevent accidents and suicides.

More Gas in the UK Telegraph.

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