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No Ordinary Family 1-3: No Ordinary Ring

And we’re back with another fun episode with the Powell family. This one didn’t seem quite as eventful as the first two, but it allowed us time to better develop the characters. Heck, I loved it.

We start with the entire family at a wedding. But the wedding it attacked by robbers there to steal the jewelry. One of the items they take is Stephanie’s engagement/wedding ring. Jim just can’t let that go, and as a result tries to take on the robbers and fails. His friend George figures out that these robbers are hitting all the weddings of the wealthy, so he and Jim start wedding crashing to try to get the robbers arrest and get Stephanie’s ring back. That leads to several funny scenes of Jim trying to dance and a painful misstep when Jim tackles a waiter into a wedding cake. They do get one of the robbers arrested, but George can’t make the charges stick. He does manage to find the ring and give it back to Jim. And Jim gives it back to Stephanie and the most exclusive restaurant in town. Well, almost. In a very romantic scene, he gives it to her on the roof of the hotel.

Stephanie, meanwhile, is facing a problem at work. The board is all ready to fund her research, but she needs to pass a physical for a life insurance policy first. With all the changes in her blood, she knows that’s not a good idea. Her assistant means well and tries to take Stephanie’s place, but Stephanie knows that won’t work. So they get another blood sample and Stephanie breaks into the lab at night to make the switch. All is going well except for one thing – Dr. King sees the blood vial shimmer when Stephanie makes the switch. He doesn’t see Stephanie, but he knows something is up. Remember, he’s already on the side of those who have powers but are using them for evil, so this isn’t good.

Now Daphne’s storyline of the episode made the least sense to me. Wasn’t her best friend cheating with Daphne’s boyfriend in the pilot? That seems to be completely forgotten or it was a different friend. Anyway, Meagan is going through a problem and wants Daphne’s support. But she freaks out when Daphne uses her powers and guesses what it is. That sets up Daphne wanting to tell Meagan what is happening, but Jim and Stephanie are against it. Finally, after Jim lies to Daphne about going to the final wedding he crashes, Daphne heads over to tell Meagan the truth. But when the time comes, she can’t do it and says she overheard that Meagan’s parents are breaking up somewhere and that’s how she guessed.

And then there’s poor JJ. He still doesn’t want to tell anyone about his powers, which apparently make him super smart in all areas, not just math. Daphne is blackmailing him into doing her homework. But there’s a girl in his math class that he has a crush on, and he manages to get her to agree to be tutored. But JJ wants to know for sure if this girl likes him or not, so JJ sends Daphne to read her mind. Instead of telling JJ the truth, Daphne lies and says that this girl only dates Jewish guys, so JJ does a crash course in Hebrew and the Old Testament only to learn the truth in the end.

They did mention in passing that the cop who was shot at the end of last week’s episode is indeed dead. That and Dr. King seeing the vial being switch are the only big things in overarching storylines we have here. Instead, they played more with Jim’s desire to be doing something to make a difference and how that makes the rest of the family worry. I feel like we know all four characters a little better as a result.

And I had fun. I hope I am right that they are working toward something, but for now I am enjoying the ride. We need time to get to know the Powells and for the story to naturally build. Assuming they can keep this up, I’ll continue to enjoy.

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