Music added to Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain

All the usual suspects made their way to the Magic Kingdom on Monday evening once word leaked that Disney Imagineers had turned on the newly added background music soundtrack to Space Mountain. Instead of adding speakers to the cars, they’ve worked after hours, when the attraction was closed, to add speakers at certain spots along the track to give riders more of a surround sound experience.

I haven’t had a chance to ride it myself, but the general feeling is that this is a good improvement. It definitely adds an element to the ride and makes the track somewhat less predictable. I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to ride.

For more details check out this interview the Orlando Sentinel had with an Imagineer who worked on updating the attraction. The really curious can find an on-ride video at, but of course, that contains spoilers.

If you’ve been on the ride do you think this is a good addition?

3 thoughts on “Music added to Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain”

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  2. My first thought was “don’t mess with my SM!” but then thought I sounded old and cranky so I watch the video and now think that maybe it will be OK. Sometimes we just hate change because we are fans and love the way things are, warts and all.

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