Florida parks report injuries for last Quarter

The Orlando Sentinel has a list of injuries reported by Central Florida’s theme parks for the second quarter. It’s remarkable for two things. First, all the injuries are somewhat unremarkable and second, apparently SeaWorld and Busch Gardens had no injuries.

I don’t think this agreement between the parks and the state is actually accomplishing much. We need to know the situation behind the injuries, as well as reports from hospitals and urgent care centers from patients who claim to have been injured at the parks. Just judging on the number of times I see paramedics in the park, I definitely think things are a big under reported.

That said, I believe parks are quite safe. But more knowledge gives guests more power in deciding which rides are appropriate for them.

3 thoughts on “Florida parks report injuries for last Quarter”

  1. Another great topic, although I do disagree that guests lack of knowledge contributes to injury. These don’t seem like injuries to me, but people who probably shouldn’t have been on any of those rides or activities to begin with. I don’t see one incident that the theme parks could have prevented in any way. They are all attributable to some physicial ailment, known or unknown, that was aggravated by high speeds and motion.

    Why do we need to see medical reports? Medical privacy laws make that virtually impossible to get – and I just don’t see how it would help? Unless theme parks start requiring doctor’s clearances before going on rides, we are always going to see chest pain, back pain and the like from these rides. Rider beware, and the “ride at your own risk” signs are pretty clear. I’ve seen paramedics multiple times too, but usually it’s in the middle of mainstreet where someone has passed out due to heat exhaustion and/or dehydration. People push themselves too far, and it’s ridiculous to point the finger at the theme park when you’re an epileptic with heart problems who gets dizzy after a couple spins on Space Mountain.

    Now, if we’re talking underreporting of injuries related to ride malfunction or something similar, that’s a very different story.

  2. I agree with Aimee’s comment. I work in Fantasyland, and pretty much all of the paramedics I’ve seen have been for dehydration/heat-related issues. If people aren’t properly hydrating themselves in the FL heat, that’s not really an injury.

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