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Disney might acquire Social Gaming company Playdom

Disney has made a big investment in Massively MultiPlayer Role Playing Games (MMRPGs) over the last 10 years or so. VMK, Pirates, Cars, Pixie Hollow, and Toontown have all be successes on various levels. It certainly made sense at the time as that was the direction online gaming appeared to be going.

However it turns out that there is a limited audience for the type of game that requires to you log into a separate world disconnected from everything else online. The big action these days is in games that are connected to the Social Media space — Social Gaming. So I wasn’t surprised to hear that Disney is looking to purchase one of the leaders in that space, Playdom.

Techcrunch makes an interesting point, that Social Gaming is the perfect platform for building excitement around a movie or franchise, perhaps even before it reaches theaters or TV. I think this would be a very good move by Disney. Not sure they need to buy an outside company instead of developing it in house, but that’s how the world works these days, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Disney might acquire Social Gaming company Playdom”

  1. TickledPinkRabbit

    I’ve still got my fingers crossed that they’ll make VMK-like game for the Magic Kingdom’s 40th!

  2. I mean…a game like VMK would be nice, but Disney still has all 4000 data files of VMK, just bring it back already, it was for a anniversary, but wait, it was MORE successful than they had thought, JUST BRING IT BACK ALREADY, god damn. It’s really NOT that hard, Disney, no one likes your stupid Pirates games and all that, they LOVE VMK, and only VMK, atleast VMK for the most. Just re-open it. So many kids still have hope, and so do I, so just do it.

  3. Honestly, I’m very glad I find a reason post containing VMK like once in this passage, lol. Well anyway, I’m honestly still torn to see that VMK isn’t back up online yet. I’ve been crying a lot lately, still crying about VMK. It’s been two years, almost three for me since I didn’t quite make it to the end. I think about VMK everyday, and like they always say if you can’t go a day without thinking about something, you shouldn’t live your life without it. Well, I’ve been living my life without VMK for awhile now. A teardrop is a sign you’ve been strong for way too long. I’m breaking down because VMK meant a lot to me. Disney needs to bring it back. Even if the main purpose was just for Disney’s 50th anniversary, it doesn’t matter. The game was very much past successful, and many kids, teenagers, even some adults LOVED it. I’ve also been visiting VMK revisited, a lot too. You can’t really do anything on there, but it has the full map and music, and some cool effects. VMK wasn’t just a game, it did a number on me as a person. When I had trouble with something, I’d escape to my 2nd home, VMK. It made me feel better about myself, as I’m sure it did for most people who played the game too. VMK held a spot in my heart, and that’s nothing any other virtual game has ever done for me. VMK was a very special game, and sorry to say Disney but you were very stupid to close it down. You devastated many people.. but I still have hope that you will reopen it soon, or at least one day. Another thing about VMK was that it helped with my typing and my computer skills. It was my very first virtual game I ever played as a kid. I even pictured myself playing in highschool, maybe even college. But I never once thought about VMK coming to an end? Never once thought about it. As any kid would think; VMK is going to last forever. But nope, nothing lasts forever.. but in my mind back four years ago, I did think that. But why VMK? Why out of all the virtual games, does VMK have to end? Good question. But we find in life nothing lasts forever, but there are some that come to an end early.. because it was meant to. </3

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