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The CalArts Story

Patricia Zohn, author of the recent Vanity Fair profile of Disney’s Ink & Paint women, has dug up another gem. This video produced by the Walt Disney Studios to promote CalArts has rarely been seen. CalArts, of course, was given a big financial and creative push by Walt Disney. He wanted to support the arts, of course, but it was also a great place to find future talent for the Walt Disney Studios.

This film was uploaded by staff at CalArts and contains some interesting facts, like that the school was originally supposed to be built down the road from the Walt Disney Studios in Hollywood, not in Valencia where it ended up. That would have made the commutes of a lot of artists a lot less stressful.

Zohn goes on her in article to lobby for continued support of Arts in our society. That’s a cause I think everyone who wants to honor Walt Disney’s legacy could get behind.

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