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Negotiations for new Labor Agreement underway at Disney World

With it’s sister property Disneyland in the middle of a three year dispute with Unite Here, one of its dozen or so labor unions, Walt Disney World has come to the table to negotiate a new contract. As you might expect the weakened, but slowly recovering, economy is bound to play into requests from both sides. So this may get interesting.

Many of the angles are explored by Jason Garcia over at the Orlando Sentinel. The current contract expires Oct 2nd. Even if things go really poorly at the table, I don’t expect for there to be any full strike, but there might be some work actions.

2 thoughts on “Negotiations for new Labor Agreement underway at Disney World”

  1. is a strike even possible? I was under the impression that the union was unable to strike, due to a contract that’s been in effect since WDW opened. I have no cite for that, though – I’d love to know what the true status is.

  2. I doubt any work action would happen. The only union with any real power (believe me I know) is the Teamsters and there’s too much in agreement for anything drastic to happen. The main issues will be about pensions, international college program cast members, health care premiums, and of course wages. This economy will require sacrifice by all. Hopefully wages will go up though.

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