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Disney’s Animal Kingdom to test Guided Trek through Savannah

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park has announced it is developing a new, immersive experience that will take small groups of guests on personalized, guided treks through some of the savannah areas of the popular Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition attraction. During these excursions, guests will be able to spend more time observing wildlife on the savannah while learning about them from a Disney guide. Guests also will trek through an undeveloped forest area of the Harambe Reserve and then board a unique vehicle designed for the rest of the journey. Reservations for this specially priced tour are scheduled to begin later this year, with more details to come as Walt Disney Imagineers continue to develop the experience.

When I read about this new concept for the first time I immediately thought of the niche Animal Kingdom themed park that Disney was rumored to have greenlighted and then shut down when the economy turned south. Disney never lets a concept go to waste, so I wouldn’t be surprised is this was something they thought they could salvage from the original idea.

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