AJC asks “Are You A Disney Hater”

If you’ve been a Disney fan for any length of time there is a great likelihood that you’ve run into situations where people can’t understand your love for all things mouse. Some of those people are even so anti-Disney, they seem to hate it. Some have just had bad experiences, some have expectations that Disney could never meet, and some have legitimate complaints.

The AJC’s Momania blog decided to find out what was driving all this anger towards Disney and asked it’s readers “Are you A Disney Hater?” Results are on both sides of the aisle. There are some legitimate concerns that Disney might want to address, but for the most part, it’s just people whose personal preferences for entertainment differs from the Disney brand. Not sure there’s anything Disney could do to satisfy them.

Do you know any Disney Haters if your life? How do you deal with them?

3 thoughts on “AJC asks “Are You A Disney Hater””

  1. My co-workers are all Disney-Haters. So much so that I don’t ever talk with them about my trips to the theme parks or my Snow White blog. I guess you could say that I haven’t yet come out of the closet around them. They just wouldn’t understand.

    I live in a college town, lots of intellectuals and progressive thought–which is all good. However, one of the problems is that these Disney-Hating co-workers can only see Disney as an ‘evil giant mega-corporation’. They intellectualize it all and thus fail to “feel” the other side of the coin–the Disney magic.

    They haven’t seen a Disney film in years, but they still pass judgment on them as being too sappy and unimportant. They’ve never set foot inside a theme park, but criticize them as nothing more than corporate exploitation.

    So yes, I know a few Disney-haters. They take pride in their minds, but have lost touch with their hearts.

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