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TRON: Legacy touched up by Pixar braintrust

Disney’s $7 billion purchase of Pixar Studios is looking better and better all the time. Not only are they continuing to roll out the hits (Toy Story 3 just became the best performing domestic release from Pixar ever) but they’re helping to save other projects at the studios as well. If this means that the studios really are beginning to adopt the creative lessons from Pixar, that’s a very good sign.

In this case, EW is reporting that Pixar’s braintrust (aka, the story doctors) were called in to consult on a final polish for TRON: Legacy. Brad Bird and Michael Arndt even rewrote a few scenes that were scheduled to be film in pickup. Just to make sure that he film’s promise of delivering the ultimate fan experience would be met. That’s good news if you ask me.

It looks like EW reaches the same conclusion I did, that this is just the new way of doing things at the studio. And if that way is Pixar’s way, then it must be an improvement.

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