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Forever 21 to offer Minnie Mouse Apparel and Accessories for Holidays

A few days back I was in NYC and remarked how odd it would be to have a Disney Store right next to a Forever 21 location in Times Square. Well, the jokes on me. Disney and Forever 21 have a closer relationship than just neighbors.

Disney Consumer Products and Forever 21 have announced their collaboration on a new fashion line of apparel and accessories for young fashionable women called “Minnie Muse” exclusively for Forever 21 Twist. The new collection is inspired by modernized sketches of the style icon, Minnie Mouse, and will be available at Forever 21 stores nationwide starting November 2010— just in time for the Holidays. The line will also include stationery and gift items.

The upcoming collection follows Minnie Mouse shopping and visiting fashion capitals— London, Paris and Tokyo— in preparation for her line. Disney Consumer products designed this special Minnie Mouse character art and style guide exclusively for Forever 21. The style is fresh and portrays Minnie Mouse in a way no has ever seen her before, leggy, modern and glamorous. (Actually, the Tren-D store in Downtown Disney has a great Minnie like this painted on the walls.

See. )

This is the first celebrity muse for the fast fashion retailer’s Twist Collection of clothing and accessories. Product line details and images will soon be available.