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Dave Smith, Walt Disney Company Archivist to Retire

For the last 40+ years one man has literally had the job of preserving the history of the Walt Disney Company. That man, Dave Smith, like so many others came to Disney on a temporary assignment and ended up sticking around for the rest of their career. Smith does leave the Disney Archives in good hands, and experiencing popularity through the D23 fan community and rumors of a potential official Disney museum near the original Flower Street WED Imagineering studios.

Yep. Bob Iger is quoted in this LA Times article talking about sharing more of the Disney company’s history with the public. There could be more traveling exhibits, more partnerships with the Walt Disney Family Museum, and (hopefully) more work with the Disney fan community through many avenues, not just D23. But if they’re going to build a museum, and I think that they should, can I make one small request? Open Anaheim and Orlando annexes. These locations could have permanent exhibits related to the history of each resort as well as host rotating exhibits with a more general look at Disney history.

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