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Captain EO returns to EPCOT and Paris and Tokyo Disneyland

Someone tell SETI to crank up the radar array. Captain EO is piloting his spaceship into more Disney themeparks this year. It’s all part of a return tour orchestrated in his honor.  He’s already landed at Disneyland in California to much acclaim and I think that made it an easier decision for him to continue on to three more engagements.

He’ll be returning to Disneyland Paris on June 12, Tokyo Disneyland on June 30, and then EPCOT on July 2nd.

This will make my son very happy. In the time since Michael Jackson’s death, he’s become obsessed with the performer. He did get to see Captain EO when they visited Disneyland for spring break, but I’m sure we’ll be in line every weekend for a visit the the Captain.

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