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Mickey does the Moonwalk

For the last couple months, there has been some low rumbling among Disney fans that the company may be pushing the image of Mickey Mouse too far away from his core character. There is certainly something going on, but I see it as part of a pendulum swing that Mickey seems to go through every now and then. Anyone remember that Miami Vice Mickey in the 80s? I think I still have the t-shirt.

One of the things Disney has been working on with Mickey Mouse is a new more hip dancing routine. They wanted to debut it last year at the ESPN Rise Games, but it got rained out. Here it is at a later event at ESPN Wide World of Sports:

Yes, that’s the Moonwalk! I don’t care if this isn’t a core part of Mickey’s makeup. That’s a fun routine that will help keep Mickey in the minds of today’s youth. Anything that moves Mickey away from just being a stiff corporate icon is a good thing, if you ask me.

5 thoughts on “Mickey does the Moonwalk”

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  2. Looks cool, All part of Disney’s wider strategy to reshape Mickey’s image I guess. As I understand it, they’re shooting for the classic-style Mickey from the old shorts – mischievous (And more “hip”, to use an incredibly vague term). The “new” characterisation sounds a bit like the British character of Sooty. All will be revealed once Epic Mickey comes out I guess. It’s the prototype of the new Mickey as I understand it.

  3. My 3 year old son watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse religiously. I showed him this video and he absolutely loves it. It cracks him up every time. Everybody, including Mickey, deserves to get a little funky sometimes.

  4. He’s Mickey Mouse. What CAN’T he do? If he can be a Jedi, a baseball player, a vampire, a pirate, a chef, a sorceror, and many other things we’ve seen him as at the parks, then Mickey knowing how to dance is not that far-fetched.

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