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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-31-10

Seventeen unique Disney fan podcasts reviewed today. Topics range from Yesterland, Urban Legends debunked, Fess Parker’s theme park, What would Walt do, and more.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #697 Resort Recommendations Best Resorts for: Romance (to unwind and get close at the end of the day), for buddies traveling together (fun and festive), solo (I’m here alone, but I still want to have fun), Families (pool time), Older children (All Star Vacation home?) and the indulgent trip (money no object).

Episode #698 Listener Questions Swan and Dolphin, what’s up with all their fees? Shouldn’t those fees just be rolled up into the price of the room instead of nickel and diming the guests? Other questions relate to matters such as: Easter week midday park touring, using WDW park tickets at DL, Sanford airport to WDW transportation options, the impact this podcast is having on its listeners and a review of the Tomorrowland Speedway.

Episode #699 Future Pasts What attractions do they think are going to be part of ‘yesterland’?  What would they replace those attractions with? What will never be changed or moved? Where can you see remains of former attractions? It is always intriguing to discuss the what if’s!

Mousetalgia (iTunes) Episode #73 What alive Character would you want to be? (We have the makings of the Aladdin show here) Next, an unbelievable serendipitous meeting with Richard Sherman followed by a Supercalifragilistic evening with Richard performing many of the Sherman Brothers songs is regaled. A visit to Snow White’s Café centers on its homage’s to many animators. And to round out this episode they review the risqué adult oriented Castmember Confidential book.

Mousetimes (iTunes) Episode #94 John takes us to an extinct attraction from Disneyland. You are really going to be sorry you don’t have this attraction out there anymore. You can only reminisce about Honey, I Shrunk the Audience by means of this audio. And the number one, original American Idol David Cassidy sings his hits, recorded at the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival.

Mr Frank’s Wild Ride (iTunes) Episode #4 We are introduced to Savannah, a Walt Disney World Mom’s Panelist as well as a former Cast Member.  Another Mom (?), Doug discusses the many irons he has in the fire, such as a book and spreadsheet o-mania. I enjoyed hearing how the Moms don’t just answer the questions and move on, in many cases they have a continuing dialogue with the guests helping them through their trip planning. Mouseterpiece Theater gave us a real good look at Mickey’s and Goofy’s dramatic roles in their adaptation of A Few Good Men (Mickey=You can’t handle the truth). D23 is also considered with its humble beginnings recalled, as well as the current benefits, motivating Margaret to sign up live, on air to be the latest D23 member.

WDW Radio (iTunes) Episode #162 March 21, 2010 In this show Lou answers not your everyday questions referencing Frank Wells, Walt’s involvement in the 1960’s Olympics, traveling with a family member  who has ADHD, DVC in room dining, services to enhance your WDW trip, and the utilidors-specifically are they in other parks?

The Disunplugged (iTunes) Discussion 3/24/10 Discounts, Universal 101 for Disney Fans Pete’s rant du jour focuses in on the Golden Horseshoe Review and the ‘phoning it in’ attitude of opening the building up for food during the busy time and not providing the essential show. The psychology of menus provides some interesting insight on placement of items on the menu. And Teresa always makes saving fun with her off property budget stretching finds. The Universal primer covers the gamut from the lackluster food options, park touring tips, the Express Pass (for hotel or day guests) as well as some never before heard strategies to get the most out of your brief visit to this park.

3/25/10 DisBoards Show The Disboards topics discussed: family night at home to build anticipation for an upcoming Disney trip with some ideas for reminders of trips past, food items that you can only get in the world, specifics about Dine with Shamu, Kids on leashes, muster drill aboard DCL, Practical tips lists, Florida child safety seat laws and practical application of, and convincing others that Disney is not just for kids.

Passporter Mom’s (iTunes) Episode #9 Renting a Vacation Home All Star Vacation Homes are feature: the sizes of the homes, the rates and the services that you wouldn’t usually find at other rental homes. They also answer listener questions about dining while watching fireworks, inexpensive special activities for children and couples spas.

Those Darn Cats (iTunes) Episode #96 Music to Wedding By This starts nice and easy, but ends nice and hard. Don’t let that scare you; you can always fast forward through the end part. They are looking for songs to get married to, definitely not the traditional overplayed Disney songs. You know the tears of joy songs verses the ugly cry melodies are the ones that will fit this bill. They have a lot of laugh out loud ideas, but I would like to propose A Whole New World, I’m not sure you even considered that one. . .really give it a shot. The scurvy Monkeys give their opinions and earn the cats the explicit rating for this one.

E Ticket Time (no itunes) Test Run Right off the bat, I like his attitude that he is just going to have fun with this podcast. I think that is what makes a good podcast, not to fit a mold, but to have fun and be you. For the first segment Disney Chef cooks up a little Disney soup, where you try to guess the origins of the various audio clips. And a nice little listen to the source audio of the DL Fantasmic show completes this initial cast.

A Window to the Magic (iTunes) Episode #231 A Tribute to Fess Parker You are aware of his additions to Disneyland, but did you know about Frontierworld? No not Frontierland, but Fess’ own attempt at a theme park.  The back story to this and other areas of his life is so interesting. To also hear about Fess from a close friend really puts a heart and soul to the face that we saw on our Black and white TV’s. Happy trails to you Fess, until we meet again!

Disney Tidbits (iTunes) Episode #70 Paul (not Tairy?) brings us back to his favorite attraction: the Peoplemover and its various incarnations at Disneyland. With some great audio, he shares with us the highlights of this attraction, as well as his personal efforts to bring this back to the park.

Mouse Travel Tips (iTunes) Episode #7 Staying off Property, Disney California Adventure, Soarin’ and Pilot’s Grill In the search of a great deal or for other reasons many choose to stay off property. Rachel shares  the advantages and disadvantages if you choose this type of lodging. Her DCA primer includes the different areas and current status of the park. Soarin’ with its innovative design is highlighted showcasing its features. And to get us hungry, Taste Pilot’s Grill and its menu with fixing bar is featured.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Live Show March 2010 The appeal of a live show is that you never know what’s going to happen. Who could have predicted that Mickey, Goofy and Kermit would call in, or that a Mom’s panel member would report on her ride at the Richard Petty Experience? Or that they would receive a call live from Adventureland, or a fellow podcaster would review their last minute Disney cruise trip? Well that’s why we listen, to hear these calls!

Episode #214 Listener Emails They give answers to topics: non runners touring parks during marathon weekend and Wine and Dine race times, tips for long driving trips (stock up on string cheese and beef jerky), various trip planning questions and surprise trips with specific scenarios.

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode #399 March 25, 2010 Waking Sleeping Beauty: The Second Golden Age of Disney Animation Don Hahn and Peter Schneider share with us the background of this documentary, with its ‘illegal’ videos of the Disney Studios, and the lack of ‘talking heads.’ Its inspirational message of “doing what you do best” and the importance of trying whether you succeed or not, motivates us to excel in our life.

Keys to the Kingdom (iTunes) Episode #128 Disney Deluxe Resorts-The Best and Worst You know that this gabfest is heated when the “Walt is flipping over in his grave” card gets thrown down. The team has their definite opinions on Deluxe Resorts, and we get to enjoy this give and take.

Betamouse (iTunes) Episode #7 Location Services at Disney Parks You know, “I’m the Mayor of”, “I’m at. . .” 4square and ways to tell others your whereabouts. How does impact the Disney community? What is the privacy issues related to these services?  With regards to the future, do you want this running in the background, tracking your every move? What’s the big deal with stuffing the system? Also, the team has some ideas of how Disney can better use these services, possibly even obtaining some ‘holy grail’ information.

All About the Mouse (iTunes) Episode #154 Waking Sleeping Beauty Don Hahn, Peter Schneider commenting on the lull in the animated movies, calling it an ‘atrophy at the studios’. Even though ‘no one starts out to create a bad movie’, this feature shares the reasons the studios found themselves with a slew of poor performers. I love the thought of having the belief that you can do better than the previous generation, whether you can or not is immaterial.

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  1. MouseStation isn’t a good podcast to listen to. There’s way too many. I mean seriously, is there really that much to talk about in the World of Disney that they need to release 3 or more podcasts every week. Also, for me, I find them to be and way too long, and when you get too much talking and it way too long, don’t know about else, but I tend to lose interest. The only one that I never lost interest despite the length is The Josh and Croz Show, which is a podcast that definetly deserves a mention here. As it may not be a Disney podcast, they still talk about Disney. They are a definite listen to if your a Disney / Theme Park / Sci Fi / Movie / Comic Book Fan

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  3. If multiple podcasts a week isn’t your thing, then don’t listen to MouseStation. But I don’t think that’s either here or there. Just personal preference.

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