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Dancing with the Stars: Week 2 Performances

It’s week two of Dancing with the Stars, and this night’s performances really count. Tonight’s scores are added to last week’s performances and on Tuesday, one couple will be sent home. No one wants to be the first to go home, but that’s the way the glitterball crumbles. So, how did our stars handle the pressure?

Shannen Doherty and Mark BallasJive – Shannen started channeling Brenda Walsh in rehearsals, and I respect Mark for standing up to her scariness and refusing to dumb down the routine. And what a cute routine it was! Shannen was a bit of a mess at times, but this was one of those dances that makes you smile regardless. Len said she needs to work on her finesse, Bruno praised her energy and performance, and Carrie Ann said it was nice to see a brighter side of Shannen but she needs to work on her musicality. Scores: 7-6-7.

Aiden Turner and Edyta SliwinskaFoxtrot – Aiden behaves like a total jerk in rehearsals, so once again I feel bad for Edyta, bridesmaid of Dancing with the Stars, for getting a bad partner. Aiden danced a competent foxtrot, but it wasn’t anything special. This dance was a big improvement over last week, but I don’t know if he can overcome his poor first round score and image problem, thanks to his rehearsal tantrum. Bruno said it was obvious he had been practicing his footwork, Carrie Ann said they had a great connection, and Len said his dancing needs to flow more. Scores: 7-6-6.

Evan Lysacek and Anna TrebunskayaJive – Evan gave an inspirational speech to children, which makes me love him. Other things I adore: Evan has Snooki’s hair. Also adorable: this dance. Tons of energy, tons of fun, and Evan’s technique was spot-on. Tall guys usually struggle with the jive, but not our gold medalist. Carrie Ann praised their energy and said he stayed in control, Len called it a great improvement, and Bruno said he needs to point his feet more. Scores: 8-8-8.

Niecy Nash and Louis Van AmstelFoxtrot – Niecy and Louis are one of my favorite partnerships because they complement each other so well – Niecy’s sense of humor brings out Louis’ personality. And as for the dance, this was a sweet, sassy foxtrot. I think Niecy is well positioned to be this season’s fan favorite. Len called her a revelation, Bruno said it was like a strawberry milkshake, and Carrie Ann called a lift – psych! – no she didn’t, but she loved the routine. Scores: 7-7-7.

Jake Pavalka and Chelsie HightowerJive – Jake has a rehearsal tantrum (a theme this week), and actually said these words out loud: “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.” Jake, that line may have worked when my mom said it to me when I was a kid, but it does not get you fans on Dancing with the Stars. Jake was a little stiff during this jive, and came off looking … dorky. But this is where having Chelsie as a partner can save you – her brilliant choreography covered up a lot of his flaws. Bruno praised his energy and determination but said he needs to work on his precision, Carrie Ann called out a lift but called him a joy to watch, and Len said he has great potential. Scores: 6-7-7.

Buzz Aldrin and Ashly CostaFoxtrot – Buzz’s adorable wife stopped by rehearsals to give him some encouragement, and it seems to have paid off. And in case you didn’t know that Buzz was an astronaut, they are dancing to “Fly Me to the Moon” as crater images are superimposed on the dance floor. As far as foxtrots go, this seemed like one of those father-daughter dances you see at weddings, but Buzz is so charming that I would be surprised if he goes home. Carrie Ann said the dance tugged at our heartstrings but the dancing was overly cautious, Len said he wasn’t going to criticize a legend, and Bruno said “the man in the moon got stuck in the foxtrot.” Scores: 4-4-4.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek HoughJive – Nicole gets all stinkface because the producers gave her a contemporary song. Obviously, she is meant to be this season’s token Sexy Girl. And guess what? Nicole delivers on that count. I’ll agree that the song choice was terrible (Rihanna? really?), and the dance was sometimes unrecognizable as a jive, but their performance was fantastic. Len said they did a great job, Bruno got shouty and said he’s never seen a jive that good in all the seasons he’s done DWTS, and Carrie Ann called it perfection. Scores: 10-8-10. It’s a wee bit early for 10’s, no?

Erin Andrews and Maksim ChmerkovskiyFoxtrot – Erin was instructed to “think princess” and it showed. This was a pretty, girly, romantic foxtrot that showed a softer side of her. Rumors are swirling about a real-life romance between these two, and while I don’t think it’s happening yet, I can see it being a definite possibility before the season finishes. The bad news: Erin needs to relax her shoulders, because sometimes her extensions look stunted. Bruno called her a natural, Carrie Ann called her a beautiful, lyrical dancer, and Len said she needs to trust in Maks more. Scores: 8-7-8.

Pam Anderson and Damian WhitewoodFoxtrot – Pamela went full-on Marilyn for this routine, and melted right into the role. Despite a few awkward moments, this was an old Hollywood foxtrot at its finest. I can tell that no matter what dance she is given, Pam will be a delight to watch, and she should be sticking around for a long time. Carrie Ann said she brought Marilyn Monroe to life, Len said it had a cheeky charm but she needs to work on her posture, and Bruno called it a delicious tribute to the original blonde bombshell. Scores: 7-7-8.

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl BurkeFoxtrot – More dating rumors, but Chad and Cheryl should have spent less time flirting and more time practicing. I like Chad and I think he has a lot of potential, but this was one clunky foxtrot. There was no flow, and there was even a strange hip hop-esque moment of choreography in the middle of the routine. Len said it was like snow – you’re glad when it’s over, Bruno said he looked uncomfortable, and Carrie Ann said he needs to let go like he does on the football field. Scores: 6-5-5.

Kate Gosselin and Tony DovolaniJive – Poor, poor Tony. Kate is a total nightmare in rehearsals and tells Tony he’s bad teacher. Tony, never one to suffer fools – and Kate is the biggest of fools – promptly quits. Tony eventually returns, but the damage was done. This was easily one of the biggest trainwrecks I’ve ever seen on this show. No musicality, no technique, no performance, it was a complete disaster. Bruno said it was a nightmare, Carrie Ann called out a couple lifts (I bet Tony did those lifts on purpose) and couldn’t find anything positive to say, and Len said it’s good that she’s fighting through this competition. Scores: 5-5-5. This seems astronomically high, especially since the judges gave Buzz 4’s.

After a tough two nights of performances, I am hoping America will make the right call and send Kate Gosselin packing. But Buzz could be in danger too, since he’s at the bottom of the leaderboard. What do you think? Shout out your predictions in the comments!

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