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Walt Disney’s Chicago Birthplace still for sale


Disney fans with cash to spare have a chance to own some unique history – the home where Walt Disney was born. Walt Disney’s father Elias built the Tripp Avenue two-story house himself in 1892. Walt Disney was born in an upstairs bedroom in 1901. It has currently been split into a two-unit rental.

In 2006 Disney’s birthplace was up on ebay, but that sale never closed. Perhaps its an indicator of how soft the housing market still is, that this unique home is still for sale. The price has now dropped below $200,000.

4 thoughts on “Walt Disney’s Chicago Birthplace still for sale”

  1. How is this not bought yet!? People will buy retired monorail vehicles, but not the house Walt Disney himself was born in for $200,000? If I were loaded, I would buy this house and donate it to the federal government as a national landmark. John Stamos, where are you…

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