Photos from Construction of Disney’s Hawaii Resort

My jaw just about dropped - the new Disney Hawaii Resort

If you’ve been looking for the next big thing to be built by the Walt Disney Company, you’ll want to point your satellite to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There on the island of Oahu in the resort area of Ko Olina you’ll find the next Disney resort.

I haven’t been so lucky to make the trip, but Disney Dean did and he’s put up a photobucket account (see gallery below) with some great photos as well as a blog post. Let me know if you see Imagineering’s Joe Rhode in any of those pictures, he’s supposed to be there somewhere; temporarily reassigned from overseeing Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

7 thoughts on “Photos from Construction of Disney’s Hawaii Resort”

  1. I can’t imaging going to Hawaii to a disney resort. Although Im sure it is going to be beautiful, I think if I ever get the opportunity to see Hawaii I would perfer the natural beauty rather then a theme park.
    Then again Disney, Florida is just 18 hr drive or a 3 hour flight from my house in NJ so Call Me Spoiled.


    1. Lori i have seen pictures of hawaii in the 40’s when my dad was there with the navy. THAT natural beauty has gone the way of the dinosaur and I do believe disney will be smart enough to not anger the natives and build a fine resort fitting in with the environment and I look forward to enjoying it. it will be a pleasant respite from the rides and lines in orlando

  2. The Disney Vacation Club is not a theme park – it is a hotel resort. Although there are many Disney themed characters and events, there are not rides and no theme park type activities. The DVC is just a great hotel where you can stay and expect the Disney treatment in a place that has other attractions (ex. Hilton Head Island).

  3. Thanks so much for the update on Disney Hawaii. Ko Olino is so beatuiful, it’s almost sad to see another hotel there. But I’m glad it’s Disney!

  4. Tommy…you’re exactly right.
    If you’ve ever been to any Disney hotel, you’ll know that they are all about “theme” and “storytelling”. The resort in Hawaii will be a luxury family resort, heavily themed on Hawaii. It is definitely NOT a theme park, nor is it trying to be. These Disney Vacation Club resorts are simply a family friendly resort, that anyone would know is going to have amazing features and amenities for the entire family, amazing customer service, and amazingly themed.
    Simply…if Disney puts their name on it, you can trust it’s going to be the vacation of a lifetime!

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