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Suspicious Package found on Disney World Bus, Employees Evacuated

Local news is reporting that a suspicious package has been found on Disney World Transportation Bus located in a non-guest accessible area. Some cast members have been evacuated and the bomb squad called in. A employee inspecting a bus in the maintenance area found a suspicious device attached under the bus and immediately called for help. His supervisors concurred that the device didn’t belong there and the bomb squad was called in.

No word now on if this incident will require all Disney buses to come in for inspection or if it’s just Disney acting out of an abundance of caution.

Update: WESH news now reporting that Disney Bus Service has been suspended. Buses are being inspected 1 by 1 at Disney facilities before being released back into service. Most buses are lined up at the Car Care Center near the Magic Kingdom to be inspected. Buses that pass inspection are being tracked by Disney. will be given an all clear sign (reportedly a ‘white dot’) to be affixed to their front window before they’re returned to service. I did not get confirmation on the white dot that had been reported in the news earlier.

The sheriff has set up a mobile command at the Bear Creek Bus Maintenance facility.

Disney has announced that DAK will have its hours extended tonight until 7pm and the water parks until at least 6pm. They’ll also take guest needs that have been impacted by the bus closure on a case by case basis.

Disney has called in extra help from local cab services if you have to get around. It’s estimated that bus service will be back at full strength in the next few hours.

6:45 pm: guests at EPCOT told Bus Service has resumed. Reports of buses operating at Magic Kingdom as well.

6:50 pm: CFNews13 reporting that sheriff’s determined the suspect device was not explosive in nature. Investigation continues, however.

More as it becomes available.

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