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NTSB Pleased with Changes Disney Making to Monorail Operations

The new National Transportation and Safety Board Chairwoman has only been on the job a week, but she’s already given at least one interview regarding the Walt Disney World Monorail Accident that resulted in the death of a cast member. So far, Disney appears to be doing a good job, said Debbie Hersman, NTSB Chairwoman.

She said that Disney seems to be going above and beyond to help investigators do their job and the company is doing its best to make sure the accident never happens again.

“We know they are going to be putting some changes into place as we speak. I know they are working on some operational changes,” Hersman said.

Most of these changes ones we’ve heard about already. Requiring pilots to face forward through the track changes, requiring a supervisor to be in the command post during those track changes, and more visual and audio confirmation reports required to confirm safety of trains. But I’m waiting the report to see what else Disney might be planning to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again besides restoring old policies and procedures.

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