Star Tours II – Details Leak Out

When Star Tours II (aka Star Tours 2.0) was officially announced at D23 they showed some 3D podracer footage with your StarSpeeder actually racing along the Tatooine course. While the footage was amazingly cool, it led to some speculation that the whole show would be the Pod race.

A report from an actor hired to portray an actor on a completely different planet has led some credence to the original rumors that there would be multiple destinations as part of Star Tours II. So when you boarded the Starspeeder you never knew where you would end up.

If you don’t mind spoilers, click through and read the whole report.

Sadly there were also reports that there will be no Star Wars Weekends in 2010? Has this been indicated before? I guess they want to have a big blow out in 2011 when Star Tours II opens.