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Xcelerator Coaster fails at Knott’s Berry Farm – Video

Update: alas the user appears to have disabled the video now. But it clearly shows the cable exploding all over two guests and then a frantic, and pointless, struggle to escape the ride vehicle as it came to a rest outside the station. Guests reportedly had to coach the father to calm down and help stop the bleeding on his son’s leg before emergency crews could reach them.

Update 2: NBC in LA has now posted the video. But they run an advertisement in front of it, of course.

Two were injured when a cable snapped on the Xcelerator roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm earlier this week. The ride is closed while the park investigates what went wrong.

In a weird coincidence there is on-ride video footage of the actual accident. I post the following video with a warning. If you have young kids you ride coasters with you may have second thoughts after seeing what these guests experienced during the failure.

More details on the incident at the OC Register.