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LOST Fan Fun: Terry O’Quinn is Locke


Check out this clever fan creation. A LOST themed poster from Olly Moss on sale here. This appears to part of a project from show producer Damon Carlton. There will be 16 artist creations. Less than 200 of each are available to the public.

(via Super Punch)

2 thoughts on “LOST Fan Fun: Terry O’Quinn is Locke”

  1. I enjoyed The Stepfather- this was just as a great as the first. Dylan Walsh did a great job filling the shoes of Terry O’Quinn

  2. My chorus teacher is Terry’s sister-in-law! I’ve met her husband, Terry’s brother, several times. My sister even babysat for their children. It’s so cool to think that my chorus teacher is related, even through marriage, to someone so famous and talented!

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