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John Lasseter Talks new Toy Story Toy Collection

Disney Consumer Products is launching an new video series of John Lasseter taking fans behind-the-scenes of the new Toy Story Definitive toy line. It can only be seen on their Disney Living YouTube Channel and, of course, embedded here for your viewing pleasure. This seven part series kicks off Thursday and will air two new videos a week until the series is completed.

Each video will offer a different part of the story from Lasseter’s own words to a profile on each character- including Sheriff Woody, Rex, Space Aliens, RC Remote Control Car and Buzz Lightyear- along with never-before known facts and more.

From the stitching and facial expressions to the original packaging from the movie, Lasseter explains why this new Definitive toy line is a collector’s dream. The highly detailed replicas from Thinkway Toys and Disney Consumer Products are fully articulated and come with many features such as sound effects and even include a Certificate of Authenticity.

I love that John recommends we buy two of each, just like he does, one to keep in the packaging and one to play with. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of this too! (Guilty as charged.)

10 thoughts on “John Lasseter Talks new Toy Story Toy Collection”

  1. Wow! I am so excited about these! Finally a Buzz with the correct wingspan and a Woody whose proportions are all correct!

    And the packaging..! Dammit I AM going to have to buy two of them all!

  2. I’ve already seen the Buzz Lightyear at Target. My boyfriend just got me one for my birthday and it is awesome! The detail is great and he says all kinds of different phrases based on if you opened or closed his helmet or open up his communicator. The box is amazing too! I really I wish I could buy two! My boyfriend has already seen the RC car being sold as well and he says it looks amazing.

  3. Marc-André Archambault

    Ivonne… I dont think you have the ultimate collection. Since Buzz is coming out in 5 weeks, and all the others just came out this week ( except for woody who’s coming out next week )

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