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Inside Walt Disney Imagineering, a new video

People sometimes ask me why Disney stopped producing video podcasts. I wondered about that too, but it looks like the video production never really ended. They just don’t call it a ‘podcast’ anymore. Now you can just subscribe to a couple YouTube channels and you’ll have quite a bit of new content from The Walt Disney Company coming all the time. The only problem with Youtube is it’s not really suited for longform video, but perhaps Disney Parks and Disney Living will get a Hulu channel of their own soon to solve that.

The latest to hit is a new ‘promotional’ video from Walt Disney Imagineering. The video masterfully edits in a bunch of stuff you’ve probably seen before but also tosses in a few new exciting items from the folks at WDI. This would work as a great recruiting piece… if only WDI was hiring.

I love how they snuck Joe Rhode in there at the end. That’s what an Imagineer should look like if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “Inside Walt Disney Imagineering, a new video”

  1. At the moment, Youtube is the only reliable video hosting site out there. Hulu is restricted to the US and unfortunately, Stage6 has long passed away, unless I’m missing a hidden gem somewhere.

    What I would like to see, though, is an official Imagineering channel encompassing all the resorts and parks with weekly updates and “flashbacks” of WDI.

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