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‘V’ was a hugely successful mini-series back in the 80s (two series, actually, and a tv show) focusing on ‘The Visitors’–Aliens who came to earth to do good, or did they? There was quite a bit of Nazi allegoricals going on, some cheesy acting, and a lot of generally solid science fiction writing as well by series creator Kenneth Johnson. Alas, Johnson and NBC had a bit of a falling out and the TV show just kinda fizzled there at the end.

Flash forward 20+ years and the writing and producing of television sci-fi has advanced quite a bit. With series like Battlestar Galactica, LOST, and The 4400, audiences expect and find quite a bit more nuanced material on their television sets. So Disney/ABC in their infinite wisdom (and desperate for a replacement for LOST) have decide now is a good time to bring back The Visitors and revive ‘V’.

Scott Peters, who created the under appreciated The 4400, is helming as executive producer of the new series. Here’s a preview that was just released:

13 episodes (aka, a half season) have been ordered. So far, no premeire date has been announced other than it will be sometime in 2009-2010. I’m already taking names for anyone who wants to do recaps of the series for The Disney Blog.

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