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Up Soars at the Box Office

Looks like I don’t have to tell many of you to get out and see ‘UP’ from Disney/Pixar. It has brought in an estimated $68.2 million at the box office this weekend. That’s pretty close to the $70 million “The Incredibles” earned on their opening weekend. So I imagine the suits down in Burbank are pretty happy right now.

I’m glad Disney gives Pixar the room they need to b as creative as they want to be. I think the marketing department is finally on board, this was a great campaign for a department that’s had a few stumbles for the last few animated films. Let’s hope they can keep it up for “The Princess and The Frog”. The only thing that seems to be lacking with ‘UP’ is stuff to buy. Apparently consumer products got cold feet making toys for a movie that features a grumpy old man and forgot about the cute kid, the balloons, and all the wonderful flying toys. Demand is there, but the product isn’t.