Dancing with the Stars 8-8: Results

Time for another results show. Shall we find out if Melissa’s injury induced low score was enough to get her eliminated or if the sympathy vote came through?

But right off the bat, they gave us the encore. No surprise at all, it was Team Tango.

Melissa was out there for the results. We did find out she is undergoing new treatment and is hoping it is effective so she can dance again if she makes it through.

They told us one by one who was safe. The first three safe couples were from Team Tango.

Before each break, we had a series of endorsement deals that the stars and pros have been offered. The best were “Dance Match” (founded by Melissa featuring Chuck and Julianne as the matched couple) and PETD (People for the Ethical Treatment of Dancers).

Plus there was the pro competition. The four pros still around are Genya Mazo, Afton DelGrosso, Mayo Alanen and Anna Demidova. This week, Genya and Afton danced the Quickstep and Mayo and Anna danced Jive. Naturally, I enjoyed them both since I love those dances. Of course, they are competing individually, so we’ll see who sticks around for next week.

Again, we did not necessarily get the bottom two. But the final two couples were Chuck & Julianne and Melissa & Tony. So my prediction here will turn out to be correct. After getting the judges’ take on things, we found out that the eliminated couple is Chuck and Julianne.

Yes, I am actually surprised. I really did think that judge’s vote difference would be too hard to overcome. You could tell Melissa was surprised and had expected to go home tonight, too. I hope that Melissa is healed enough to dance next week.

Speaking of next week, everyone will be dancing both a ballroom and a Latin dance. The pressure builds.

See you then. And in the mean time, feel free to stop by and visit me at my blog.