Star Wars Weekends – Cast Member Posters

I’ve just been sent these great set of posters used to promote the 2009 Star Wars Weekends among Disney’s Hollywood Studios Cast Members. Apparently these images not typically made available to the public. Too bad, they’d make great postcards or t-shirts. Enjoy!





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9 thoughts on “Star Wars Weekends – Cast Member Posters”

  1. I’ve seen the Star Trooper Ice Cream one before…possibly on a T-Shirt or a pin…The Ewok’s poster is a very similar concept to the Yoda “Judge me by my size, do you?” merchandise they’ve been selling for a while.

    The other two are pretty funny also. These could make for a good pin set…

    1. There is indeed a t-shirt of the “Get a taste of the dark side” stormtrooper with the mickey head ice cream bar. I proudly own it! It was a gift from my sister.

  2. I love that Disney would go to all the effort to create these, and they will only ever be shown to cast members. I would love to see some of this creative flow go into creating t-shirts/clothing for the public, their current offerings are a bit lacking in taste and style.

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