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Dancing with the Stars: Quarter Final Results

So, the pressure is on, or so they keep telling us.  Personally, I don’t feel any pressure at all.  But then again, I just get to arm chair critique the dances and the season.  So, let’s find out who has danced their last dance, shall we?


Encore:  I called it.  Warren and Kym were given the chance to do their Tango again.  Not that it is a bad dance.  I just preferred Brooke’s.  And, since she has been leading so much this season, I’d love to see her get one of these.  I do know they try to spread them around, but she’s only got two more weeks to go.  (Or is it one?  I can’t remember if they do an encore during the finals.)


And thanks to those who answered my question from last night about the song that Warren and Kym did their Tango to.  I would have bothered me again tonight had I not known.


Tonight was also the Design a Dance result.  All season, they’ve been having votes at to pick various aspects of a routine.  I only voted once, but I voted for a Jive to “Great Balls of Fire.”  And that’s what we got!  I do have some vivid memories of just trying to do an East Coast Swing to this song at 9 AM on a Saturday morning.  (It’s what they’d use to wake us up at rehearsal.)  Trust me, this song is fast.


Wow!  That was simply amazing.  Derek and Julianne were all over the place and moving so fast.  And if Julianne can do that routine, she’s definitely ready to come back if Cody makes it through this week.


I did fast forward through those Dr. Drew segments.  I thought they might be funny, but they were the emotional stuff I don’t enjoy.  So I just skipped them to move on to the important stuff, who is going home.


So they did a bottom two this week.  And no surprise, the bottom two were Cody and Maurice.  It is very rare that the bottom of the judges leader board aren’t in the bottom two.  Once Lance was safe, it was logically these two.


But after one more commercial break, we found out that Maurice and Cheryl will be going home tonight.  At this point, it’s hard to say goodbye to anyone.  I’m sorry he won’t be back next week.


But I’ll be back next week.  See you then.