Dancing with the Stars: 7-7 Results

Guess whose DVR worked correctly this week! Shall we get to it and see how this election turned out?

I actually watched the recap for a change, and I really did notice how out of sync Team Cha Cha was. That really was ugly.

But it’s time for the encore. It went to the Team Paso Doble. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. They always like to do group dances for the encore, so it makes since they’d go with the higher of the team dances. But Brooke still needs her solo encore.

A friend called right before I started watching the recap, and he told me to be sure to watch the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance. He was right. With all the magic tricks, it was something special. It would have been better without all the dry ice so we could see it more clearly.

Dance Center was as absolute fun as always. Nothing stood out to comment on, but it had me in stitches as always.

So the first three couples they told us were safe were the Team Paso couples. Now Team Cha Cha needs to find out their fate. Not a surprise since their scores were significantly lower.

They narrowed it down to Cody and Susan. But they didn’t tell us if they were in the bottom two or not. It makes it much harder for me to do my Monday night predictions without knowing who is in the bottom two. They really need to go back to that for me.

After all was said and done, however, Susan and Tony left, so I did get the prediction right. I’d say she was the weakest dancer still left at this point. I’m going to miss her enthusiasm.

Next week, the stars will be doing two dances, a Ballroom and a Latin dance. The twist is, they will also have to do a solo. Can’t wait to see that.