Dancing with the Stars 7-5 Results

Well, it’s now 11 PM California time, and I’m just now sitting down to watch the show. Got talking to my roommate and time got away from us. So I hope I didn’t miss anything too big in the recap show. I might have been interested in the interviews, but considering the time, I skip them. Did watch the scene from High School Musical 3. I so wish I could go see it Friday. That scene made me ready to see it. Like the constant ads on TV haven’t already done that.

But that’s another post. Let’s get to the results.

So, Len defended his score on Brooke’s Jitterbug by saying that giving any Jitterbug a 10 “would be like giving an Oscar to Mickey the Mouse.” You do know which network you’re on, right? And what is wrong with giving him an Oscar in the short subject category? Furthermore, if you have the dance on the show, you’ve got to be willing to give it an honest score.

Okay, enough with the soap box now. Actually, I found the comment funnier then I did upsetting.

Encore: Cody Linley & Julianne Hough – Jitterbug – I know this is easy to post after the fact, but the more I thought about last night, the more I decided this would be the encore. They’d better give Brooke one soon. She’s certainly earned it over the course of the season.

Maybe it was all the hype. Maybe it was something you needed to be there to see. But I didn’t care for the Stars of Macy Dance Spectacular, or whatever they called it. It was okay, but not something special at all. I would have preferred to see one of the performances from last night again. Yes, even Cloris. And that robotic “future” part? Just plan weird.

The Bottom Two:
Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo
Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani

I am shocked. When they announced early on that Cloris was still in the competition, I figured that Lance would be going. And not only is he not going home, he’s not even in the bottom two. Instead, we have the two stars who tied at 22 in the bottom two.

Since they both started with the same score, I have no clue who could be going at this point.

So it is Toni and Alec who are going. I must admit I am surprised. I figured she’d make it farther than this. I would have liked to see her make her breakthrough week.

Next week, Len has the night off and Michael Flatley will be filling in for him. That should be interesting. And we’ll have the group dance, which is always fun. This time, it will be “old school hip hop.” (I wasn’t aware there was new school hip hop.)

See you in six.