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T-Rex opening at Downtown Disney Tomorrow


Originally uploaded by lilabrooke

Update: Not so much a rumor, there is a sign out front saying it opens tomorrow.

Rumor is that T-Rex will be opening to the public tomorrow. It’s the new Dinosaur themed restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district. Flickr user Lilabrooke snuck in today for a soft opening and took some great pictures.

If the rest of the restaurant is anything like this room with a giant octopus and Jelly Fish lights, I’m going to be all over this place. Wow.

4 thoughts on “T-Rex opening at Downtown Disney Tomorrow”

  1. i had the opportunity to eat there the day after it opened, on the 16th, and it was quite enjoyable. the food was quite good, of a much higher caliber than i’d expect at such a restaurant (comparing to locations like the rainforest cafe and planet hollywood). the animatronics, while not quite disney, are still pretty neat, and the theming is extensive.

    oh, and to brian above, the octopus and jellyfish are part of the less-intensively-themed bar area, presumably to cater to people that would like a quieter meal in a more relaxed setting.

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