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Monday Morning Mania – Disney Links Roundup

I hope you had a good weekend. It was fairly slow around here. Don’t forget today is Columbus Day when we celebrate all the Colobus Monkeys at Disney’s Animal Kingdom… or perhaps go ride the Columbia at Disneyland. Your choice.

  • Over in the UK, Walt Disney’s Animated Feature Bambi has been rated the best Tear Jerker of all time by Pearl and Dean Polling.
  • The Walt Disney Company has donated $1.5 million dollars to the TreePeople a non-profit whose goal is to help reforest hillsides denuded by wild fire in the Los Angeles area.
  • EpcotCentral links to a Norway newspaper that notices the embarrassment that the pavilion has become. Frankly, it’s partially Norway’s fault for pulling out of sponsoring the pavilion. But perhaps we’re seeing the first pebbles of a landslide that will result in some positive change to Norway’s representation at EPCOT.
  • Been looking to try out the cool water park and 4-D movie attractions at the Nick hotel located just across the I-4 from Disney but not willing to drop down the bucks required for a full nights stay? Well fret no more, the Nick hotel now offers day passes to the attractions and its character buffet. It still might be cheaper for a large family to just book one night stay at a family suite.
  • MarketSaw has a huge collection of on the set pictures from Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice In Wonderland film for Disney.

Lastly, I’ve listed a few items on eBay again. The highlights are three Rare Disney jackets. I figure now that the cooler weather is making itself felt across most of the US, there may be some Disney fans interested in owning a Cast Member exclusive Disneyland Fire Department jacket, or a 2 of 500 Limited Edition Suede Leather Disneyana Jacket, or even a Millennium Mickey WDCC Event Jacket. If so, I certainly hope you’ll bid and help out The Disney Blog.