Beverly Hills Chihuahua’s pint sized stars racked up another victory at the box office coming in first over two usually big named box office stars. BHC earned $17.5 million over the weekend, taking its 10-day haul to $52.5 million.

The new terrorism thriller “Body of Lies” failed to take the top spot at the weekend box office in North America on Sunday….

The $70 million Warner Bros. film, starring Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio as American spies, had to settle for the No. 3 slot with $13.1 million, behind reigning champ “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and the new low-budget horror “Quarantine.”

Way to go Disney. Hopefully this means the public is in the mood for Canine stories as Disney’s BOLT opens next month on November 21st.

(via reuters)