Disneyland Paris first in line for new Formula 1 race

I know the story at this link is in French, but roughly translated it says that the old Formula One track in France has been declared non-workable by the racing league and that the Marne Valley location of the Disneyland Paris Resort is the leading candidate for hosting future F1 races. They like its close proximity in distance and time from Paris. With a light rail station that ends right at the park’s doorstep, you can’t ask for better transportation options. Plus Disney really knows how to throw a party. Who could ask for more?

We’ve talked about this rumor before, and now it appears likelier than ever. I hope it comes true. Come to think of it, the USA is without a F1 race right now. How about building a track on that 450 acre plot I just posted about? Disney? Disney? Bueller? Bueller?

1 thought on “Disneyland Paris first in line for new Formula 1 race”

  1. Again, I really want this to be the case I love F1 and I love Disney so bringing to two together makes me very happy.

    I’d never be able to resist going to the race if it was at Disneyland Paris. I also agree with you about the US race, Disney World is a great place for it.

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